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What are the best shoes for me?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer depends on the type of activities you are planning, your foot type, age, medical conditions and any foot problems or deformities.

There are, however, some simple rules for choosing good shoes:

Shoes should be long enough and deep enough to avoid any pressure on the tips or the tops of the toes and be a thumb width longer than your longest toe.


Low, broad heels or soles will reduce the pressure on the front of the foot and increase stability. A firm sole should be made up of non-slip hard wearing materials.


Middle of the sole should be rigid to minimise arch strain and the forefoot should be flexible to allow normal gait and movement.


Toe box areas should be round and wide to avoid cramping of the toes. They should be deep enough to accommodate any toe deformities or insoles/orthotic devices, the shape and the width of the shoes should be more or less the same as your feet with enough room for movement.

Does this mean that you should throw away all your “fashionable” shoes? No, just try and consider your feet and wear a more foot friendly shoe as often as you can.

At Dee Why Podiatry we stock a range of orthotic friendly sandals and shoes, as well as foot friendly socks and thongs. Our brands include Dr Comfort, Revere and Scholl Orthaheel.

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